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A new article in the New York Times discusses the rejuvenating impact that Brittney Griner and other top-performing rookies have had on WNBA ticket sales, viewership and fan engagement.

Griner was the number one pick by the Phoenix Mercury in April’s WNBA draft, and she has been embraced by an ever-growing fan base who have responded to her high-flying skills, signature style and approachable personality.

When Griner spoke openly about being gay in several high-profile interviews this spring, she made headlines, though never creating the same shockwaves experienced by her male athletic counterparts like Jason Collins or Robbie Rogers.

Still, Griner has used the attention garnered by her coming out to advocate for anti-bullying programs, and in a recent meet-and-greet, described the opportunity to be a role model as her “biggest achievement” since joining the WNBA.

Read the full New York Times article here, and check out a past interview with ESPN below.

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