Post by Brendon Ayanbadejo. Crossposted with permission from Policy Mic

Today, as we await the Supreme Court's rulings on the two historic marriage equality cases, we reflect on the breadth of support for LGBT equality; from athletes to musicans and artists to elected officials. Baltimore Ravens' straight ally Brendon Ayanbadejo has advocated on behalf of the LGBT community since 2009. This morning, he penned an op-ed on Policy Mic calling on the Supreme Court to rule in favor of LGBT equality.

"Since I first began my career in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons in 1999, LGBT Americans have struggled to make gains in state legislatures, schools, and boardrooms across America. Wall Street and CEOs have created internal departments focused on LGBT diversity and inclusion. President Obama ended "Don't Ask, Don't Tell” and made history again in his inaugural address, when he called for equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans. But, federal laws are still mostly nonexistent for our LGBT brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers.

How can we be surprised that homophobia exists, when gay people can still be fired and evicted from their homes in 38 states? If Big Brother continues to practice homophobia, then athletes, politicians, and society at large will continue to discriminate without blinking an eye.

It’s time for the Supreme Court to change that. Athletes and the rest of society look to government for direction and insight – so the Court must step up to the plate. With one single decision, SCOTUS can usher in a complete and total political and social shift in support of diversity and anti-discrimination for all.

Athletes can help to make this dream a reality."


Continue reading on Policy Mic.

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