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Montana’s Pride celebrations have historically rotated every two years to a new town in order to bring the statewide community together and highlight LGBT visibility in unlikely places. After Bozeman hosted Pride Celebration in 2011 and 2012, the local community wanted to continue to hold some sort of festival that would recognize and celebrate difference.

Interchange is that festival, and HRC is a proud sponsor for the first time this year. According to Interchange co-founder Tate Chamberlain, Interchange was inspired by a “series of chaos and imperfect moments” and the fact that “we all have closets, stories and social trauma.”

While Interchange retains a significant LGBT focus, it’s also broader, billing itself as a “festival of color.”  Its broader social justice mission means events and lectures spotlight the homeless, veterans, trafficking and rape victims, those who are bullied, and more.

“Interchange is about leaning in; it’s the alternative to pushing away from community for fear of rejection,” Chamberlain explained.

Interchange’s headlining concerts include Paul Oakenfold & People Under The Stairs. Opportunities for activism,  holding taboo conversations and watching films and a runway show are all part of the agenda. For a full schedule, visit


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