Rainbow FlagFormer boxing promoter Kellie Maloney has come out publicly as a trans woman.

Maloney, who is famous for guiding Lennox Lewis to the world heavyweight title and spent over 30 years as a boxing manager, said she always knew her true identity.

“I can’t keep living in the shadows, that is why I am doing what I am today,” Maloney told The Daily Mirror. “Living with the burden any longer would have killed me.”

Maloney was concerned about how members in the boxing community would respond, but has been met with many warm wishes. Pundits Ricky Wright and Johnny Nelson and boxing champion Tony Jeffries, among others, have given their full support and acceptance.

HRC celebrates Maloney and other national transgender figures -- from Laverne Cox to Janet Mock to Geena Rocero -- whose recent visibility and leadership have paved the way for increased awareness and understanding of transgender people.

For more information on coming out as transgender or supporting those coming out as transgender see HRC’s Transgender Visibility guide. You can also find additional transgender-specific workplace, healthcare and family resources at www.hrc.org/transgender

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