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You may or may not have heard of me before, but my name is Aydian Dowling and I am a transgender man. This year has been monumental for the transgender community and I am proud to be a part of that. 

While you might have seen my recreation shot of Adam Levine’s famous photo shoot or my appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, there's one more thing I want to do this year: Be the first transgender man on the cover of Men’s Health.

I decided to enter this contest partially because of my love of fitness. My love grew even quicker once I started the first transgender based YouTube Collaboration Channel, BeefHeads Fitness, in 2010. I also run a personal YouTube Channel, ALionsFears, where I have documented my over 5-year transition. On my channel I also give tips and advice to other trans* people looking for support and education. In 2012, because of my connection to the transgender community, I began a clothing company that hosts multiple programs for Trans* individuals in need and has a Partial Annual Surgery Fund.

Besides my love of fitness, I chose to enter this contest to show all transgender men and every average Joe that there is no criteria to being the ultimate man besides having integrity, strength and authenticity. 

I didn’t write this post today to tell you about my transgender journey, but rather, I am here to ask you to join my journey.

Men’s Health hosts an “Ultimate Guy” contest annually and this year, I am in the running! While the semifinalists will be announced on Friday, July 17, stay tuned to see if this is the year a transgender man will be front and center, declaring that all men might not be born the same, but are all equal. 

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