Have you submitted your application for HRC's HBCU Leadership and Career Summit?

The summit is a four-day intensive summit that brings together LGBT student leaders from Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the country to help them build skills and connections to better advocate for LGBT equality and other social justice issues on their campus and in their community. The 2013 summit will be held November 2-5 at HRC headquarters in Washington, DC. Travel to and from DC, lodging and food are provided to accepted participants.

The deadline to apply is September 29. Read a guest post from program alum Bertrand Evans-Taylor below and click here to learn more and apply today!

Bertrand Evans-Taylor, HBCU leadership summitThe following post comes from Bertrand Evans-Taylor of Howard University:

Like many bisexuals, I am not immersed in LGBT culture like my lesbian, gay and transgender counterparts. Because of this, I found that I was ignorant of a great deal of cultural and legislative issues that were facing my colleagues in the professional and personal arena. As a matter of fact, I had not even heard of HRC's HBCU Leadership and Career Summit, but by accident. But, thanks to the opportunity that I was afforded in attending and participating in the Summit, I was able to meet my HBCU & LGBT brethren from all over that I never would have met, and have long lasting relationships that I couldn't have even dreamed of sustaining.

Upon my arrival to the hotel, I knew what sort of environment that we would be in. HRC provided an atmosphere that is comfortable and allowed us to focus 100% of our energy on the learning ahead, and did I learn! Attending the HRC HBCU Summit literally changed my entire world outlook! Before the Summit, transgender issues did not even occur to me as something that may be existent. As terrible as that sounds, that was the world that I lived in before the Summit. Through the Summit I was able to see and meet people who are successful in their chosen fields regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
The HRC Summit was beyond empowering; the Summit was an experience that I would not forgo for the world! I think that anyone who has the opportunity to attend this Summit should seize it without any hesitation!

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