This year, in effort to support all members of the LGBTQ community, HRC released several groundbreaking reports on the bisexual community.
Compared to other groups in the LGBTQ community, bisexuals face striking rates of poor health outcomes, ranging from cancer and obesity to sexually transmitted infections to mental health problems. HRC’s Health Disparities Among Bisexual People brief broke down general health risk and disparities and what advocates, providers and bisexual people can do to improve these health disparities.
Additionally this year, HRC Foundation released research on bisexual visibility in the workplace. While research found a consistently significant numbers of bi-identified workers across every region, industry and age group, bisexual visibility and inclusion continued to be a challenge for many workplaces.
HRC’s Bisexuality in the Workplace resource provided an assessment of current workplace climates, as well as action steps to improve bisexual inclusion in the workplace.
HRC also reported on sexual assault in the LGBTQ community, particularly its affects on bisexual women. Within the LGBTQ community, transgender people and bisexual women face the most alarming rates of sexual violence. Forty-six percent of bisexual women have been raped and 22 percent of bisexual women have been raped by an intimate partner.
As we continue to work towards full LGBTQ equality, it’s imperative to address the specific needs of people who identify as bisexual. We remain committed to achieving full equality for bisexual people at home, at work and in every community.
Counting down to 2016, HRC is celebrating our greatest milestones and victories in 2015. It has been another incredible year for LGBT equality and we could not have done it without you -- our members, readers and supporters--and we look forward to continuing our work in 2016. Stay tuned for more highlights from 2015.

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