Post submitted by Ianthe Metzger, former HRC Deputy Press Secretary

Last week during a radio interview with Sirius XM, Dr. Ben Carson, who polls have in second place for the GOP nomination, made some dangerous assertions about LGBT families.  

Carson said: 

We’ve got to stop paying attention to the PC police who say every lifestyle is exactly of the same value. No, it’s not of the same value. It is very clear that intact, traditional families with traditional, intact values do much better in terms of raising children. So let’s stop pretending that everything is of equal value.

With these latest statements, not only is Carson devaluing the estimated 3 million LGBT Americans with children, and the 6 million American children and adults who have an LGBT parent, he's ignoring the fact that every major child welfare organization agrees that same-sex couples are just as capable of raising loved and well-adjusted children as their heterosexual counterparts.

With his long record of making hurtful and derogatory comments towards the LGBT community, Carson unfortunately remains out of step with the majority of fair-minded republicans. He received massive blowback earlier this year for suggesting that prison proves that being gay is a choice, and has infamously compared same-sex marriage to bestiality. Not surprisingly, Carson is opposed to LGBT adoption; banning harmful "conversion therapy" and marriage equality, even though HRC polling found that a 55 percent majority of voters are less likely to support a candidate for president who opposes allowing same-sex couples to marry.

For more on Carson's anti-LGBT record and other Republican presidential candidates visit

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