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The Illinois General Assembly must vote on marriage equality by this Friday, May 31st.  That means after today only Wednesday and Thursday to join the fight.
So here are some things you can do (if you live in Illinois or not) at any hour of the day or night between now and Thursday:

If you live in Illinois:

Call your representative's office (You can find the phone number at and say:
We only have a few days left to pass the marriage bill. We’re counting on you to make Illinois the 13th state to approve marriage for same sex couples.

Post a note on your Representative's Facebook page (List available here):
We’re so close! Let’s make history in Illinois. Support the freedom to marry!

Tweet your Representative. Go to, to look up Representatives twitter handles and send them a message:  
We’re counting on you to make history by voting for #marriage before the end of the month!

If you don't live in Illinois:

Send a personal email or text to all your Illinois friends and family. Tell them why you support marriage, and say:
We only have until the end of the week to pass the Marriage Equality bill in Illinois. It would mean so much if you could contact your state representative and urge them to support the bill. Please take action at

Post a picture of your family on Facebook and tell everyone why you support marriage.  Ask your friends to take action for Illinois at

Time is running out.  So if you care about loving couples having the ability to marry, now is the time to take action.

Thanks to all of the volunteers and activist who have done so much already for Illinois Unites for Marriage.  A very big thank you for all of individuals who will help us cross the finish line between today and Thursday!

Marriage Momentum in May

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