For the first time, a British sitcom will star a transgender actress.

Rebecca Root, a transgender actress, will star in the upcoming BBC Two series “Boy Meets Girl.” The show was a part of BBC’s Trans Comedy Award, which was an effort to help promote the positive portrayal of transgender characters "and the transgender experience in a fresh affirming manner, without resorting to cliché or stereotype."

In a blog post, Root wrote:

“…Judy, a 40-something trans woman still living with her mother, meets Leo, a 26-year-old cis man, also living at his parental home... Tired of rejection by previous lovers, Judy decides to do the ‘Big Reveal’ on the first date with Leo. He quietly processes the information and then just gets on with the meal. ‘Would you like a starter?’ he asks. No questions about her body. No inappropriate comments about the toilet. Just so. This episode makes no more bones about Judy’s gender than had she confessed to liking Fleetwood Mac (which she did in an early draft). I was over the moon to get the part."

The show follows the relationship of 26-year-old Leo and a 40-something transgender woman, Judy. A pilot was released in March and more episodes were ordered this week.

Laverne Cox has been a pioneer in opening doors for transgender actors, yet there are still very few shows employing transgender actors.

For more information on coming out as transgender or supporting those coming out as transgender see HRC’s Transgender Visibility guide. You can also find additional transgender-specific workplace, healthcare and family resources at

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