Post submitted by Rebecca Parks, former Associate Director, HRC Global

The World Congress of Families’ planned conference in Melbourne this weekend is in disarray as Australian LGBT and women’s rights activists successfully worked to block the group from spreading its message of hate in Australia. 

The Australian Senate passed a resolution condemning the WCF’s conference and urging government representatives to boycott the event, venue after  venue cancelled space, and finally, in a moment of victory for Australian activists, longtime WCF supporter and cabinet minister Kevin Andrews was forced to cancel his appearance at the conference.  HRC was able to work with New South Wales MP Alex Greenwich to arm activists with our new report exposing the dangerous work the WCF has engaged in in Australia and around the world to rollback LGBT and women’s rights. 

The World Congress of Families’ next major conference will be right here in the United States in Salt Lake City in October 2015, marking the first time the organization has attempted to hold a World Congress in the United States.  Over the next year, HRC will continue to lead the way in showing that the WCF’s hateful ideology has no place in the United States.  Exposed:  The World Congress of Families will continue to be an invaluable tool for activists in their campaign to expose and push back on the WCF. 

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