Post submitted by Mitchell Scuzzarella, HRC Digital Media Intern

An Atlanta newspaper that serves the region's Latino Community has recently begun including more LGBT content in their publication, and they are using HRC as a resource.

With stories that highlight marriage issues, LGBT activism and immigration issues, some of Mundo Hispanico’s newer articles have been helping LGBT issues gain more traction in the Atlanta Latino community.

In an article titled “Activistas por la comunidad hispana y gay,” HRC is listed at the end of the article as one of the largest groups fighting for the civil and human rights of the LGBT community. Other articles with LGBT themes focus on a gay couple whose marriage allowed one of the men to apply for citizenship, and an article detailing marriage equality across the United States.

Being LGBT and Latino presents its own unique challenges, and HRC stands as a resource for all LGBT people in a variety of communities who are coming out or seeking support from friends and family. Resource guides specifically for those coming out in Latino communies are available online, and HRC's recent report Supporting and Caring for our Latino LGBT Youth - produced in partnership with LULAC - provides an in-depth look at the experiences of nearly 2,000 LGBT youth who identify as Latino.

While Mundo Hispanico only recently began releasing more LGBT-inclusive content, we know that increased education and awareness within the community leads to greater acceptance and respect for LGBT individuals.

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