Post submitted by Lynne Bowman, HRC Regional Field Director
When the legislature adjourned at the end of May without calling a vote, Representative Harris, SB10’s chief sponsor, made it clear that his colleagues wanted to take the summer and hear from their constituents about marriage.  They promised that they would then return in November to cast a vote on the issue.  Today, Illinois Unites for Marriage released a video reminding the legislators of their promise and sharing voices of families across Illinois for whom the freedom to marry is important.
The people of Illinois have responded to the request from May with gusto over the past five months.  With only seven days remaining to make a difference, participation in volunteer phone banks is increasing exponentially with over 150 volunteers working phone banks just in the first three days of this week.  Since January, over 34,000 constituents have talked with their legislator about why marriage is important to them, with nearly 20,000 of those conversations in September and October.  Dozens of indistrict meetings have been held with legislators from DuPage County down the state to East St. Louis.  Over 80,000 postcards have been delivered and nearly 100,000 emails have been sent sharing stories of family and asking legislators to vote YES on marriage equality.  There is no question that the legislature has heard from their constituents about marriage.  Now it’s time for them to do the right thing and pass the freedom to marry in Illinois.
It’s time Illinois.  Let’s win this thing!

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