Right now, a bill is on the desk of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer that amounts to a blank check for businesses to discriminate against all LGBT residents or visitors. Gov. Brewer could sign the bill at any moment.

This bill gives license for discrimination to run rampant across the state. It could impact anyone who travels to Arizona, whether it's for a vacation, a conference, or the 2015 Super Bowl planned for Phoenix – and if it passes, it could encourage other states now weighing similar bills.

Arizona should be open for business to everyone– add your name to our petition to stop this license to hate from becoming law.

Because the language in the “License to Discriminate” bill is so broad, any individual, corporation, institution, or business organization may be able to justify discrimination against LGBT individuals by claiming a religious belief.

Potential examples include:

  • Pharmacists could potentially refuse to provide HIV and hormone replacement therapy drugs to LGBT people.
  • Restaurants, inns and hotels could potentially turn away same-sex couples celebrating an anniversary, adoption or pregnancy.
  • Wedding garment shops, bakeries, photo studios, and reception halls could close their doors to same-sex couples planning their weddings.

Governor Brewer, who herself described the discriminatory bill as very controversial, must veto this bill and send a strong message that legally sanctioned discrimination has no place in Arizona.

HRC has been on the ground in Arizona, from getting Arizona's leading business and faith leaders to sign on to letters calling on the Governor to veto the bill to creating, printing and distributing hundreds of “open for business to everyone” signs. Now, we need your help.

Take action now.

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