With the passage of Arizona Senate Bill 1062, the so-called "License to Discriminate" bill, opposition to the bill continues to grow. More than thirty of Arizona’s faith leaders are now urging Governor Brewer to carefully consider a veto. 

In an open letter to Governor Brewer, three Bishops and over 30 Jewish and Christian leaders representing more than 200 congregations across the state warned the governor of the bill’s “immense and negative consequences on all communities, including religious communities” upon its being signing.

SB1062  claims to strengthen already robust religious freedoms in Arizona. However, in reality the bill aims to legally sanction discrimination against the LGBT community.

“As people of faith, we are ardent supporters of religious freedom for all Americans. However, we also know that there is a difference between sacred space and commercial space. When providing a service to the public, businesses cannot pick and choose whom to serve and whom to deny. This is basic discrimination and it has nothing to do with religious freedom.”

We can do better!  Join people of faith in Arizona who are inspired by the core tenets of their traditions to stand for justice.  Join HRC and others at a rally Monday at 5:30 p.m., at the Capitol to call on Governor Brewer to veto SB 1062. 

Or contact Governor Brewer here, or text AZ to 30644 to directly connect to her office.

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