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Pictured: Jane (TJay) Wothaya Thirikwa and Tushar Malik, Global Fellow Alumni

HRC seeks emerging and experienced nonprofit leaders from around the world to apply for a yeaTJay and Tusharrlong Fellowship in Washington, D.C. We are looking for Fellows with LGBT advocacy experience to join HRC Global. Candidates with skills in research or partnership-building or experience in LGBT advocacy within faith communities are strongly encouraged to apply!

This prestigious fellowship includes a living stipend to cover basic expenses (food, local transportation and shared housing) and health insurance.  

"My time as an Atlas Corps Fellow serving at the Human Rights Campaign has been exceptionally rewarding. This experience has elevated the platform from which the foundation of my social change issue is rooted, and has equipped me with relevant skills for my nonprofit social change efforts."

~ Jane Thirikwa (2013-2014 Fellow) 

HRC partners with Atlas Corps, an organization that facilitates fellowships for international nonprofit leaders, to identify outstanding and developing nonprofit leaders from around the world. Atlas Corps engages leaders committed to the nonprofit sector in yearlong professional fellowships at leading organizations to learn best practices, build organizational capacity, and return home to create a network of global leaders.

Apply before September 5thto be considered for the January class. For more details about eligibility requirements and the application process, please click here

For more information about becoming a Global Engagement Fellow or to learn more about our current Fellows, click here.

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