Anxious in Oregon

With an Oregon marriage decision by Federal Judge Michael McShane coming down in less than two hours, the air is filled with excitement here at the Portland headquarters of Oregon United for Marriage.

Oregon United for MarriageVolunteers and local community supporters will soon stream in hear to hear Judge McShane’s ruling at noon.  Couples expecting a positive ruling are already lining up outside the Multnomah County Courthouse in downtown Portland and at the Federal courthouse in Eugene.  Melody Ballroom is ready as the location to both host the weddings and receptions.

With the National Organization for Marriage having just filed an emergency motion with the Ninth Circuit to stay any decision, it is unclear at this moment what will happen when the clock strikes noon.  Will we get a positive decision in Oregon or not?  Will gay and lesbian couples in Oregon be able to be married or not?  What is certain, however, is that history is about to be made in Oregon.  The two-hour countdown has begun.

In Picture: Marty Rouse, National Field Director; Aubrey Thonvold, OUM Faith Director; Trevor L. Chandler, Associate Regional Field Director

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