Today, the House Government Operations Subcommittee held a hearing on an anti-transgender bill (HB 583) in Florida. The subcommittee subsequently passed the bill, which will next be considered by the House Judiciary Committee. 

The Bathroom Surveillance Bill, HB 583, seeks to criminalize transgender people by making it illegal for them to enter sex-segregated facilities, such as bathrooms, locker rooms or dressing rooms in accordance with their lived gender. HB 583 would also compel businesses to discriminate against their own employees and customers, and invalidate non-discrimination policies that already exist on the local level. 

“We ask you to oppose HB 583 because it is an unnecessary and overly intrusive government interference into local businesses and schools,” said HRC Senior Legislative Counsel Alison Gill in submitted testimony. “HB 583, besides being duplicative, will create state-mandated, burdensome bathroom regulations for business owners throughout the state. This measure is particularly inappropriate because it applies to schools. School administrators need flexibility in order to ensure that all students are protected and have a safe learning environment, while this bill mandates a one-size fits all approach which undermines safety.” 

This was the second hearing in the House. The bill already passed the Civil Justice Subcommittee.

HRC will continue to work closely with staff and volunteers and in partnership with Equality Florida to stop this harmful legislation.

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