This week Kyrgyzstan parliament’s human rights committee approved an anti-LGBT bill that would criminalize the promotion of homosexuality. If passed, those who openly support LGBT rights in Kyrgyzstan could face up to a year of imprisonment.

This piece of legislation in Kyrgyzstan comes shortly after the passage of numerous pieces of anti-LGBT legislation in Russia, most notably the "homosexual propaganda" law. In fact, next week marks the one year anniversary of Vladimir Putin signing the bill into law. The bill in Kyrgyzstan, while similar to legislation in Russia, heightens the scope and the penalty of the offense for actions in support of LGBT equality. It would also criminalize any statements that could be seen in a manner of promoting any "unconventional" sexual orientation in a positive way. 

Through this legislation, individuals in Kyrgyzstan making any statements that could be interpreted to condone LGBT individuals, families, or communities would result in a one year prison sentence. Buzzfeed reports that the fines included in the bill are equivalent to more than half of the average monthly salary inside Kyrgyzstan. Additionally, the proposed law encompasses numerous forms of speech and communication, including the internet and media.

It is reported that the bill could be voted on by the end of the month.

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