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Last week, the Nevada Senate passed SB 353, a bill that would protect young people from dangerous so-called "conversion therapy" in Nevada. Unfortunately, the bill in its current form does not protect all LGBT young people, because it does not include conversion therapy meant to change a person's gender identity or expression.  

Today, HRC filed testimony to strongly urge the Nevada Assembly Commerce and Labor Committee to make this bill inclusive by adding gender identity protections. 

“Efforts to change a person’s gender identity are ineffective and damaging in the same way as conversion therapy based on sexual orientation,” HRC Senior Legislative Counsel Alison Gill testified. “Experts in transgender healthcare have condemned conversion therapy based on gender identity.” 

Earlier this month, the Nevada Assembly passed a comprehensive anti-bullying bill seeking to ensure the safety and well being of the state’s youth. This bill was fully inclusive of LGBT students.  

HRC urges the Nevada Assembly to make this important legislation fully inclusive by adding gender identity before moving this bill out of the Assembly Committee. 

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