Gottlieb plants rainbow flag on Uganda's highest mountainPost submitted by Noah Montague, HRC Global Engagement Intern

This month, Neal Gottlieb, an American ice cream company owner and human rights activist, climbed to the top of Uganda’s highest mountain and placed a rainbow flag at the peak in protest of the recent passage of Uganda’s harsh anti-LGBT laws and the continued human rights violations the LGBT community faces in the African nation.

The feat required hiking Margherita Peak to an altitude of 16,763 feet over a 6-day journey.  Gottlieb followed up his actions by writing a letter to the president decrying the blatant human rights abuses suffered by LGBT Ugandans under the harsh new law. He closed the letter by challenging Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to personally climb the mountain and remove the flag himself.

Previously outlawed in Uganda, same-sex relations were further criminalized with a life sentence earlier this year when President Museveni signed the bill into law. Since then, violence and hatred toward the LGBT community in Uganda has only continued with more arrests of LGBT citizens and the outing of 200 LGBT Ugandans in a prominent tabloid.

Photo: Neal Gottlieb's Facebook page

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