Hawaii Marriage Equality

Yesterday, marriage equality became a reality in the Aloha State as Governor Neil Abercrombie signed the bill into law, allowing weddings to begin in the state as early as December 2.

This victory is shared by Hawaiians, hardworking lawmakers, the HRC family, and two prominent national businesses that joined more than 200 local businesses endorsing the law: American Eagle Outfitters and Groupon.

Both companies endorsed marriage equality in Hawaii, noting – in yet another state – the now tried and true maxim is that equality is not only the right thing to do, it’s also good for business.

A global leader in local commerce, Groupon is the place to start when you want to buy just about anything anytime anywhere. “We work better when everyone can bring their whole selves to work every day,” said Jeff Holden, SVP of Product and executive sponsor of the employee resource group Pride at Groupon. "We’re committed to inclusion and diversity and are proud to support marriage equality everywhere we do business.”

With its backing, American Eagle Outfitters solidified its reputation as an employer of choice for LGBT citizens beyond the Mainland, ensuring that equality and fairness are non-negotiables wherever the company does business.

We thank and congratulate American Eagle Outfitters and Groupon for their leadership and support in making Hawaii the fifteen state in realizing a more perfect Union, with Illinois soon to follow.

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