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With the recent passage into law in Russia of an anti-LGBT provision, American right-wing groups are looking to the country as a beacon of hope for their discriminatory agenda, reports the Associated Press.

“You admire some of the things they’re doing in Russia against propaganda,” Austin Rose, the president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, told the wire service, using the coded term for any material that mentions LGBT rights.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on June 29. The measure makes it illegal to distribute any information to minors that references same-sex relationships in a positive way. It has also become illegal to equate gay and straight relationships, according to Gay Star News. Many equality advocates fear that the vague wording of the bill will enable more widespread discrimination against LGBT Russians and those perceived to be LGBT.

This is not the first time that Russia has attracted the attention of American evangelicals. Scott Lively, a Massachusetts-based right-wing activist, traveled to Russia in 2007. He told the AP that he advocated for many of the policies that were included in the bill.

Peter LaBarbara, a conservative activist who protested outside of HRC’s Washington, D.C. office building, earlier this summer, also voiced his approval of the bill.

“Russians do not want to follow America’s reckless and decadent promotion of gender confusion, sexual perversion, and anti-biblical ideologies to youth,” he said.

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