It's all too rare that we celebrate victories, so thank you, AFJ for giving us an opportunity to celebrate and congratulate.

Yesterday, in a lead-up to today's event, HRC hosted an AFJ-sponsored event on "Lessons from the 2012 State Victories for Marriage Equality."

It was great to have a conversation with leaders of each of the campaigns, Betsy Smith of Equality Maine, Carrie Evans of Equality Maryland, Richard Carlbom of Minnesotans United, and Tony Wagner of Washington United for Marriage.

While it was surely informative to hear strategies for success, perhaps the most memorable moment of the afternoon was when Marissa Brown of Alliance for Justice asked, "When did you know you were going to win?"   Carrie Evans of Equality Maryland bluntly stated, "I never knew for sure that we were going to win."

Carrie's comments were a reminder that each campaign is tough and filled with unanswered questions until Election Day.  It was an honor to host AFJ and to sit with such battle-tested and largely unsung heroes of equality.  Thank you, AFJ, for letting us sing praises yesterday.  

Note: Alliance for Justice is a national association of over 100 organizations committed to progressive values and the creation of a fair, just, and free society.  Through their Bolder Advocacy initiative they help nonprofits and foundations speak out bravely for progressive causes, including marriage equality.  To see their online legal resources, case studies, and commentary about the power of advocacy, go to

Alliance for Justice

Pictured: Carrie Evans, Betsy Smith, Marissa Brown, Marty Rouse, Richard Carlbom

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