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Today, Mount Holyoke College announced that it will now accept applicants who identify as female, including transgender applicants.

President Lynn Pasquerella made the announcement at the opening Convocation ceremony.

“Mount Holyoke College welcomes applications for our undergraduate program from any qualified student who is female or identifies as a woman,” Mount Holyoke explains on their website.

Open Gates, a Mount Holyoke student organization, has been advocating for acceptance of transgender students at Mount Holyoke and at Smith College, another university nearby in Northampton, Massachusetts.

"Although there have not been any cases as public as Calliope Wong’s rejection from Smith College, we know that trans women have been similarly excluded from Mount Holyoke," a board member of Open Gates told BuzzFeed

There are 119 single-sex schools of higher education in the United States. Mount Holyoke’s decision follows Mills’ College decision last month to accept transgender applicants.

More information about Mount Holyoke’s policy is available here.

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