Post submitted by Leigh Durham, HRC field organizer

Last night, the Albuquerque Teachers Federation unanimously passed a resolution to support New Mexico Unites for Marriage and joined the ever-growing coalition of organizations, faith groups, businesses, elected officials and individuals who support the freedom to marry for all loving and committed couples in New Mexico.

The organization, which represents 3,800 members and is a part of the American Federation of Teachers, works on behalf of public educators and students at the local, state and national level.

“We are thrilled to be a part of New Mexico Unites for Marriage. As a union, one of the things we focus on is discrimination of all kinds and we are inclusive of the members of our union, their families and our society at large. The New Mexico’s Supreme Court’s recent ruling is the right action as our state can now move forward and support and honor all couples and families," said Ellen Bernstein, ATF President.

With the legislative session only two weeks away, HRC Field Organizers and New Mexico Unites for Marriage campaign staff are working across the state to make sure legislators hear from their constituents and vote against a proposed Constitutional Amendment defining marriage.

There are countless opportunities to help the campaign regardless of where you live, including phone banking, community organizing, meetings with legislators, small business sponsorship and participating in the upcoming Equality Lobby Day.

To defend the recent state Supreme Court decision, click here to volunteer.

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