Early this morning, Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz announced his intention to run for president on Twitter, but let’s not forget Cruz’s long standing anti-LGBT history.

For years now, Cruz has stood on the wrong side of history against the LGBT community. The Texas Senator has proved his homophobia time and time again, and shown a willingness to use the LGBT community to create divisions in order to advance his own career.  

 More than 60 percent of American voters support marriage equality, but Cruz is not one of them. Ted Cruz led the charge to deny Texas couples marriage equality. In the Senate, he has introduced legislation that would stop the federal government’s recognition of same-sex marriages for couples who do not live in marriage equality states.  In addition, he has said he will introduce a constitutional amendment to prevent nationwide marriage equality.

 As recently as 2012, he made similar comments to fellow potential nominee Ben Carson, claiming, “I believe that engaging in homosexual conduct is a choice.”  [San Antonio Express-News]

 To learn more about Cruz, read HRC’s comprehensive research report on potential GOP candidates and their record opposing LGBT equality.

 HRC is putting the GOP Presidential hopefuls on record. Learn more about what the potential 2016 GOP presidential candidates have to say and where they stand on key LGBT issues at www.hrc.org/2016republicanfacts

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