The American Family Association’s rabidly anti-LGBT spokesperson Bryan Fischer claimed last week that the Dallas Cowboys discriminated against heterosexual players by signing Michael Sam.
Fischer, while hosting his radio show on American Family Radio's Talk Network, explained that by signing openly gay player Michael Sam, the NFL victimized straight players who got cut and did not make the team. Fischer said, “What the NFL has done here is they have discriminated against every heterosexual football player that also got cut. They didn’t go to bat for those guys, they discriminated against everybody but Michael Sam.”

Fischer is known for his particular brand of xenophobia and hate. In an AFA blog post last month, Fischer claimed that the First Amendment only applies to Christians, and called Islam a “noxious weed.” In the past he has likened LGBT activists to Nazis and called for LGBT individuals to be jailed or forced into rehab. He advocated for a new version of Underground Railroad to take children away from same-sex parents.

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