Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

This April, the AWNY will honor Anastasia Khoo for her steadfast commitment to the LGBT community and her talents unparalleled in the marketing industry.

For the last eight years, Khoo has overseen HRC’s marketing strategies, managed digital media, advertising and public relations projects, with a clear-eyed focus on the growth and expansion of new markets. 

Khoo will join 16 other women who have catalyzed innovation, made bold moves and reinvented the rules of marketing in 2013.

Early in 2013, HRC’s marketing team launched a strategic, meticulously planned campaign surrounding the United States’ Supreme Court’s hearing of two historic marriage equality cases. One portion of this broad campaign included the now-ubiquitous red marriage equality logo. Mere hours after it was post on HRC’s Facebook page, the logo went viral.

The award-winning campaign shattered records across multiple digital platforms, and is now considered the most viral campaign in Facebook history and the highest engaged post on Twitter.

HRC congratulates Anastasia Khoo for her recognition as one of the women to “change the game” in 2013. 

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