Post submitted by Trevor Chandler, former HRC Associate Regional Field Director

In a groundbreaking announcement moments ago, adidas, one of the largest corporations based in Oregon, fully endorsed Oregon United for Marriage’s push to secure marriage equality at the ballot there in 2014.
In a press release, adidas America Vice President Paul Ehrlich stated, “Inclusion and diversity are important tenets for our company and employees and we want to extend those values across this state.  We are proud to support Oregon United for Marriage in its campaign to extend the freedom to marry to loving, committed couples, no matter their gender.”
This announcement comes on the heels of the Portland Timbers, Thorns and Trail Blazers all announcing their support for marriage equality just in the past week which was the first time major league sports teams have ever endorsed a marriage equality campaign. Such early support, particularly from the sports industry, for a marriage equality campaign is unprecedented and shows the strength of Oregon United as we move forward with a little more than a year before we go to the ballot box.
HRC is a founding member of Oregon United for Marriage. Trevor Chandler is a Senior Regional Field Organizer with HRC, he is on the ground working to build the campaign’s coalition with the team at OUM to secure marriage equality for all Oregonians.

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