RingsYesterday, civil unions took effect in Colorado, marking a new chapter for families in the Centennial State.

HRC Steering Committee member Mike Yost was on the ground with Out Front Coloradoto capture some of the special moments from the day.

Mayor Hancock officiated the first civil union between Fran and Anna Simon, who testified in support of the legislation at the state Capitol.

Yost wrote of the experience,

Before heading across the street to perform civil unions, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock spoke to a crowded dining room of hundred of advocates, supporters, allies and LGBT families.  “Everyone in this room has reason to celebrate tonight.  It has been a long journey.  It has been a tough journey,” he said.  “If history has taught us anything, in the words of Dr. King: ‘The arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice.’”

Hancock emphasized that despite the historic night, there was still much more work to be done.  “The journey is not over.  And we will not stop until all residents, in words of our great State Senator Pat Steadman, have full marriage equality under the law.”


Read more of Yost’s experience yesterday on Outfront.

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