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Representatives of Illinois Unites for Marriage
Coalition at the Community Meeting on Wednesday, May 22

After recent wins for marriage equality in Rhode Island, Delaware and Minnesota, all eyes have turned to Illinois.  With only eight days remaining in the Spring Legislative Session, the pressure to move the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act (SB10) couldn’t be greater.  As legislators grapple with finalizing bills on carrying concealed weapons, pension and budgets, Illinois Unites for Marriage has launched Eight Days of Action to make sure marriage equality is not left behind when the session ends on May 31.

During a Community Meeting at the Chicago Urban League on Wednesday night, representatives from the coalition reported out to those in attendance on the work that has been accomplished since the beginning of the year and the plans to get the bill passed by the time the final gavel falls next week.  To date, volunteers and field organizers have made over 200,000 dials and had over 16,000 conversations with voters.  Nearly 70,000 emails have been sent by activists to their legislator and over 12,000 postcards have been delivered to legislative offices.  Legislators are definitely hearing from people who support the freedom to marry, but we can’t let up now.

In order to make it over the finish line with a win, everyone in Illinois who cares about marriage equality needs to join the final push in these last eight days.  To take part in the Eight Days of Action, just do the following simple activity on the identified day:






Thursday, May 23

Call your representative’s office (You can find the phone number at and say:


We only have a few days left to pass the marriage bill. We’re counting on you to make Illinois the 13th state to approve marriage for same sex couples.


Friday, May 24

Send a personal email to all your Illinois friends and family. Tell them why you support marriage, and say:


We only have until the end of the month to pass this bill in Illinois. It would mean so much if you could contact your state representative and urge them to support the bill. Please take action at


Saturday, May 25

Sign up to phone bank, 11 am -2pm. Turn up the heat on representatives who haven’t yet committed to support marriage. Signup


Sunday, May 26th

Post a picture of your family on facebook and tell everyone why you support marriage. Ask your friends to take action at


Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day)

Join the tweet-a-thon. Go to, to look up Representatives twitter handles and send them a message: 


We’re counting on you to make history by voting for #marriage before the end of the month!


Tuesday, May 28th

Text a message to 3 friends:


We only have 3 days left to pass marriage in Illinois. Will you help? Go to


Wednesday, May 29th

Post a note on your Representative’s facebook page (List available here:


We’re so close! Let’s make history in Illinois. Support the freedom to marry!


Thursday, May 30th

Send thanks and encouragement to the representatives and senators who are working so hard to pass this legislation. Sign the thank you card online here:


Friday, May 31st

Call your representative one last time and say:


Go for it! Make Illinois Lucky Number 13 for the freedom to marry. (You can look up your legislator at


HRC is standing side-by-side with our partners in the Illinois Unites for Marriage campaign since January and into these final days.  My time in Illinois working with the incredible field team has been energizing and exciting as each day brings new stories of why marriage is important to people in the Land of Lincoln.  With an investment in 15 field staff, technology and support in faith organizing, the Human Rights Campaign is proud to be a part of the team that will make Illinois Lucky Number 13 for marriage equality.

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