Changing the Course of History: Best of 2012

Winning at the Ballot Box

Thanks to the support of our committed members and supporters, HRC launched the largest mobilization effort ever in our history.  As a result of a two-year campaign, $20 million dollars raised and contributed, more than 22 million emails sent, equality prevailed decisively at the ballot box.

  • President Barack Obama, the most pro LGBT president in history, was re-elected. HRC endorsed the president’s re-election early, and never let up from contrasting continued progress with the alternatives that would take us backward.
  • Tammy Baldwin became the first openly gay person elected to the U.S. Senate. As a member of Congress, Baldwin has championed every piece of LGBT legislation, and HRC was there to ensure that this historic triumph would be secured.
  • A record number of openly LGB members and key allies were elected to Congress. We raised more than $2.4 million and engaged millions of supporters to endorse openly LGB candidates like Mark Pocan, David Cicilline, Jared Polis, Mark Takano, Kyrsten Sinema and Sean Patrick Maloney.
  • HRC was the largest national funder of the four pro-equality measure ballot campaigns in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington, providing $5.5 million in direct contributions to efforts in those states. We sent dozens of staff - many of whom occupied key leadership roles in communications, field, faith and more - to these campaigns. We activated a dedicated base of volunteer leaders to mobilize our members and supporters around key campaigns, organizing hundreds of fundraisers, scores of canvasses, and thousands of phone banks. We also sent nearly 2 million emails to HRC members and supporters.
  • HRC has invested heavily in faith-based organizing efforts this year, remaining at the forefront of work to foster meaningful dialogue with pro-equality people of faith.
  • In Iowa, HRC contributed $145,000 toward efforts to retain the seat of Justice David Wiggins after our opponents launched an aggressive campaign to oust him. Wiggins was part of a unanimous 2009 decision by the state’s Supreme Court that found unconstitutional a law banning marriage equality.