Changing the Course of History: Best of 2012

Promoting Healthcare Equality

In 2012, HRC worked toward its goal of securing quality healthcare free of prejudice and discrimination for all Americans. We launched our Health and Aging Program, marked impressive progress in healthcare facilities via the Healthcare Equality Index, participated in the International AIDS Conference and more.

  • The HRC Foundation announced the formation of an innovative, wide-ranging Health and Aging Program. The program addresses both the health concerns of all LGBT Americans and the particular challenges faced by rising generations of LGBT elders.
  • The 2012 Healthcare Equality Index, released in June, marked impressive new strides in healthcare equality, including a 40% increase in participating organizations and a 162% increase in facilities designated as Leaders in LGBT Healthcare Equality.
  • HRC celebrated the return of the International AIDS Conference to the United States for the first time in 22 years. HRC participated in interfaith roundtables, sponsored a community gospel concert and other panels, and hosted a well-attended discussion on HIV stigma in transgender communities.
  • HRC pushed legislation to end the taxation of domestic partner healthcare benefits and expand health coverage to the families of LGBT federal workers, and worked with the administration to address the needs of older LGBT Americans and ensure that implementation of the Affordable Care Act takes LGBT people into account.