Changing the Course of History: Best of 2012

Celebrating Our Diversity

People of all backgrounds, races, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities represent the LGBT community. Together we’ve worked to give voice to all members of our community. Thanks to our faith-based organizing work, we made inroads with faith communities that were seen as an influential voting bloc in the November elections. And initiatives such as Her HRC and HRC’s work with HBCUs continued to empower even more members of the LGBT community.

  • HRC’s Religion & Faith Program invested heavily in faith-based organizing efforts this election cycle in North Carolina, Maryland, Washington state and more.
  • In January, thousands of women in 14 cities celebrated our annual Her HRC program, which is organized to celebrate the integral role of women in the movement for LGBT equality.
  • Thirty student leaders from 13 historically black colleges and universities traveled to HRC headquarters this fall for the HBCU Leadership and Career Summit.
  • Lana Wachowski, the critically acclaimed director of the Matrix trilogy and the new movie Cloud Atlas, opened up about her journey as a transgender woman while receiving the Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award in San Francisco this October.