Companies - Buyer's Guide


Food & Beverages





Alexander Keith's; BACARDI SILVER; Bass; Beck's; Boddington's; Bud Ice; Bud Light; Bud Select; Budweiser; Busch; Busch Light; Corona; Czechvar; Goose Island; Hoegaarden; Hurricane High Gravity; Hurricane Malt Liquor; King Cobra; Kirin; Kokanee; Labatt; Landshark Lager; Leffe; Margaritaville Brewing Co.; Michelob; Natural Ice; Natural Light; O'Douls; Pacifico; Redbridge; Rolling Rock; Shock Top; Stella Artois; TILT; Wild Blue; ZiegenBock;



; Barilla Pronto; Barilla Sauce; Mulino Bianco; PLUS; WASA;



Antiguo de Herradura Tequilas; Canadian Mist Canadian Whiskies; Chambord Liqueur; Collingwood Canadian Whisky; Early Times Kentucky Whiskies; el Jimador New Mix Ready-to-Drinks; el Jimador Tequilas; Finlandia Ready-to-Drinks; Finlandia Vodkas; Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey; Herradura Tequilas; Jack Daniel's Ready-to-Drinks; Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey; Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire Liqueur; Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Liqueur; Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey; Korbel California Brandy; Korbel California Champagnes; Maximus Vodka; Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky; Pepe Lopez Tequilas; Sonoma-Cutrer California Wines; Southern Comfort; Southern Comfort Bold Cherry; Southern Comfort Lime; Southern Comfort Ready-to-Drinks; Tuaca Liqueur; Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey; Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey;


Campbell Soup 

Away From Home; Bolthouse Farms; Ecce Panis; Garden Fresh; North America Foodservice; Pace; Pepperidge Farm; Plum Organics; Prego; Select Harvest; StockPot; Swanson; V8; Wolfgang Puck;



Diamond Crystal; Honeysuckle White; Sterling Silver; Truvia;



Hidden Valley; KC Masterpiece; Kitchen Bouquet; Nueva Cocina; Soy Vay;


ConAgra Foods 

ACT II; Andy Capp; Angela Mia; Banquet; Bertolli; Blue Bonnet; Butterball; Chef Boyardee; Claim Jumper; Crunch n' Munch; David; Dennison's; Egg Beaters; Fiddle Faddle; Fleischmann's; Gebhardt; Gulden's; Healthy Choice; Hebrew National; Hunt's; Jiffy Pop; Kid Cuisine; La Choy; Libby's; Manwich; Marie Callender's; Move Over Butter; Odom's; Orville Redenbacher's; Pam; Parkay; Penrose; Peter Pan; PF Chang's; Poppycock; Ranch Style; Reddi-Wip; Ro*Tel; Rosarita; Sanalac; Slim Jim; Snack Pack; Swiss Miss; Van Camp's; Wesson; Wolf Brand Chili;


Delhaize America 

Nature's Place; Taste of Inspirations;



Acacia Vineyard; Baileys; Beaulieu Vineyard; Buchanan's; Bulleit; Captain Morgan; Chalone Vineyard; ; Crown Royal Canadian Whisky; Dalwhinnie; DeLeon; Dickel; Don Julio; Godiva's; Gordon's; Guinness; Harp; J&B; Jeremiah Weed; Johnnie Walker; Ketel One; Lagavulin; Myer's; Oban; Orphan Barrel; Parrot Bay; Peligroso; Pimms; Provenance Vineyard; Red Stripe; Rosenblum Cellars; Seagram's 7 Crown American Whiskey; Seagram's VO Canadian Whisky; Smirnoff; Smirnoff Ice; Smithwick's; Sterling Vineyards; Talisker; Tanqueray; Windsor; Zacapa;


E. & J. Gallo Winery 

Alamos; ; ; Apothic; Ballatore; Barefoot; Barefoot Bubbly; Barefoot Refresh; Bartles & Jaymes; Bella Sera; Bodega Elena de Mendoza; Boone's Farm; Brancaia; Bridlewood; Carlo Rossi; Carlo Rossi Founder's Blend; Carnivor; Clarendon Hills; Columbia Winery; Covey Run Winery; Dancing Bull; DaVinci; Don Miguel Gascon; E. & J.; E. & J. VS Brandy; E. & J. VSOP Brandy; E. & J. XO Brandy; Ecco Domani; Edna Valley Vineyard; Fairbanks; Familia Camarena Tequila; Frei Brothers; Gallo Family Vineyard; Gallo Family Vineyards Estate; Gallo Family Vineyards Single Vineyard; Gallo Family Vineyards Sonoma Reserve; Gallo Signature Series; Ghost Pines; La Marca; Laguna; Las Rocas; Liberty Creek; Livingston Cellars; Louis M. Martini; MacMurray Ranch; Madria Sangria; Martin Codax; Maso Canali; Mia Dolcea; Mirassou; New Amsterdam; New Amsterdam Gin; New Amsterdam Vodka; Peter Vella; ; Rancho Zabaco; Red Rock Winery; Redwood Creek; Sheffield Cellars; Shellback Rum; Starborough; The Naked Grape; Tisdale Vineyards; Tott's; Turning Leaf; Turning Leaf Refresh; Whitehaven; Wild Vines; William Hill Estate; WM. Wycliff Vineyards Sparkling;


General Mills 

Annie's; Betty Crocker; Big G cereals; Bisquick; Bugles; Cascadian Farm; Cheerios; Chex; Cinnamon Toast Crunch; Cocoa Puffs; Cookie Crisp; Fiber One; Food Should Taste Good; Fruit by the Foot; Fruit Roll-Ups; Gardetto's; Go-GURT; Gold Medal; Green Giant; Gushers; Hamburger Helper; Kix; Larabar; Latina; ; Lucky Charms; Mountain High; Muir Glen; Nature Valley; Old El Paso; Pillsbury (refrigerated and frozen dough); Progresso; Reese's Puffs; Total; Totino's; Trix; Wanchai Ferry; Wheaties; Yoplait;



Almond Joy; Breath Savers; Brookside; Bubble Yum; Cadbury; Dagoba; Good & Plenty; Heath; Hershey's 5th Avenue; Hershey's Cocoa; Hershey's Drops; Hershey's Extra Dark; Hershey's Kisses; Hershey's Krackel; Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar; Hershey's Miniatures; Hershey's Mr. Goodbar; Hershey's Nuggets; Hershey's Pot of Gold; Hershey's Symphony; Hershey's Syrup; Ice Breakers Cool Blasts; Ice Breakers Duo; Ice Breakers Frost; Ice Breakers Ice Cubes; Ice Breakers Mints; Ice Breakers Sours; Jolly Rancher; Kit Kat; Krave Jerky; Lancaster; Milk Duds; Mounds; Payday; Pelon Pelo Rico; Reese's Big Cup; Reese's Crunchy Cup; Reese's Fast Break; Reese's Nutrageous; Reese's Peanut Butter Cups; Reese's Pieces; Reese's Sticks; Rolo; Scharffen Berger; Skor; Take 5; Twizzlers; Whatchamacallit; Whoppers; York Peppermint Pattie; Zagnut; Zero;



Always Tender; Applegate; Black Label; Bufalo; Chi-Chi's; Compleats; Cure 81; Del Fuerte; Di Lusso; Dinty Moore; Don Miguel; Dona Maria; El Torito; Embasa; Farmer John; Herb-Ox; Herdez; Hormel Gatherings; Hormel Vital Cuisine; House of Tsang; Jennie-O; Kid's Kitchen; La Victoria; Little Sizzlers; Lloyd's Barbeque; Mary Kitchen; MegaMex Foods; Muscle Milk; Natural Choice; Not-So-Sloppy-Joe; REV; Saag's; Sandwich Makers; Skippy; SPAM; Stagg; Valley Fresh; Wholly Guacamole;


Johnson & Johnson 




All-Bran; Apple Jacks; Austin; Bear Naked; Carr's; Cheez-It; Chips Deluxe; Club; Cocoa Krispies; Corn Flakes; Corn Pops; Crispix; Crunchy Nut; Eggo; Famous Amos; FiberPlus; Froot Loops; Frosted Flakes; Fruity Snacks; Fudge Shoppe; Gardenburger; Honey Smacks; Jack's; Kashi; Keebler; Krave; Mini Wheats; Morningstar Farms; Mother's; Mueslix; Murray; Nutri-Grain; Origins; Pop-Tarts; Pringles; Raisin Bran; Ready Crust; Rice Krispies; Sandies; Smart Start; Special K; Stretch Island Fruit Co.; Sunshine; Toasteds; Town House; Vanilla Wafers; Wheatables; Zesta;


Land O'Lakes 

Alpine Lace; Cappuccino Classics; Cocoa Classics; CROPLAN GENETICS; Dairy Ease; Grip n' Go; Kozy Shack; Land O'Lakes Butter; Land O'Lakes Cheese; Mini Moo's; Saute Express; ; SNACK'N CHEESE TO-GO; Winfield Solutions;



Batch 19; Blue Moon; Coors; Coors Light; Crispin Cider; Extra Gold Lager; Foster's; Fox Barrel Cider; George Killian's Irish Red; Grolsch; Hamm's; Henry Weinhard's; Icehouse; Keystone; Keystone Ice; Keystone Light; Keystone Premium; Leinenkugel's; Magnum; Mickey's; Miller; Miller 64; Miller Chill; Miller Genuine Draft; Miller High Life; Miller Lite; Milwaukee's Best; Molson; Olde English; Peroni; Pilsner Urquell; Red Dog; Redd's Apple Ale; Redd's Green Apple; Redd's Wicked; Redd's Wicked Apple; Sharp's; Smith and Forge; Southpaw; Sparks; Steel Reserve; Steel Six; Third Shift; Winterfest;



belVita; Cadbury; Cadbury Creme Egg; Cadbury Dairy Milk; Chips Ahoy!; ; Dentyne; Enjoy Life; Halls; Honey Maid; LU; Milka; Nabisco; Newtons; Nilla; Nutter Butter; Oreo; Premium Saltines; Ritz; Sour Patch Kids; Stride Gum; Tang; Toblerone; Trident; Triscuit; Wheat Thins;



AMP; Aquafina; Aunt Jemima; Baken-ets; Brisk; Cap'n Crunch; Cheetos; Chester's Fries; Citrus Blast; Cracker Jack'd; Cracker Jacks; Diet Mountain Dew; Diet Pepsi; Dole Juices; Doritos; DoubleShot; El Islano; Flat Earth; Frappuccino; Frito Lay; Frito Lays; Fritos; Funyuns; Gatorade; Grandma's cookies; IZZE; Lay's; Life; Lipton Iced Tea; Matador Beef Jerky; Maui Style Potato Chips; Miss Vickie's; Mountain Dew; Mug Cream Soda; Mug Root Beer; Muller; Munchies; Munchos; Naked Juice; Near East; No Fear; Oven Baked; Pasta Roni; Pepsi; Pepsi Max; Pepsi Natural; Pepsi Next; Pepsi One; Pepsi Throwback; Pepsi Wild Cherry; Propel; Puffed Wheat; Quaker Oats; Rice-A-Roni; Rold Gold; Ruffles; Sabra; Sabritones; Santitas; Seattle's Best Coffee - Iced Latte; Seattle's Best Coffee - Iced Mocha; Seattle's Best Coffee - Iced Vanilla Latte; Sierra Mist Natural; Simply; Smartfood; SoBe; Stacy's; SunChips; Tazo Giant Peach; Tazo Organic Iced Black; Tazo Organic Iced Green; Tostitos; Tropicana; Walkers;





Ethos Water; Evolution Fresh; Frappuccino; Seattle's Best Coffee; Starbucks Discoveries; Starbucks Doubleshot; Starbucks Ice Cream; Starbucks VIA; Tazo Teas; Teavana; Torrefazione Italia Coffee;



Archer Farms; Choxie; Market Pantry; Sutton & Dodge; Wine Cube;


The Coca-Cola Company 

Aquarius; BACARDI Mixers; Barq's; Barrilitos; Caffeine-free Coca-Cola; Caffeine-free Coke Zero; Caffeine-free Diet Coke; Coca-Cola; Coca-Cola Cherry; Coca-Cola Cherry Zero; Coca-Cola Vanilla; Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero; Coca-Cola Zero; Coke Zero; CORE POWER; DASANI; DASANI DROPS; DASANI FLAVORS; DASANI Sparkling; Diet Barq's; Diet Coke; Diet Coke Cherry; Diet Coke with Lime; Evian; Fanta; Fanta Zero; Five Alive; Fresca; fruitwater; Full Throttle; Fuze; FUZE Slendersize; GEORGIA Dark Roast Coffee; Gold Peak Diet Tea; Gold Peak Lemon Ice Tea; Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea; Honest Kids; Honest Tea; illy issimo; Mello Yello; Mellow Yellow Zero; Minute Maid; Minute Maid Drops; Monster; Nestea; NOS; Odwalla; Pibb Xtra; Pibb Zero; POWERADE; POWERADE ZERO; POWERADE ZERO DROPS; Seagram's Mixers; Simply Beverage; Sprite; Sprite Zero; TaB; vitaminwater; vitaminwater energy; vitaminwater zero; vitaminwater zero drops; ZICO;



Becel/Flora; Ben & Jerry's; Bertolli; Breyers Ice Cream; Country Crock; Fruttare; Good Humor; Heartbrand; Hellmann's; I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!; Klondike; Knorr; Lipton; Magnum; Popsicle; Promise; Ragu; Skippy Peanut Butter; Slim-Fast; Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto; Wishbone;


WhiteWave Foods 

Alpro; Earthbound Farm; Horizon Organic; International Delight; Silk; So Delicious; Vega; Wallaby Yogurt Company;


Keurig Green Mountain 

Barista Prima Coffeehouse; ; Coffee People; Diedrich Coffee; Donut House Collection; Flynn's; Flyte; Green Mountain Coffee; Green Mountain Naturals; K-Cup; KeurigHot; KeurigKold; Laughing Man; Red Barn; revv; Seraphine; The Original Donut Shop; Tierney's; Timothy's World Coffee; Tully's Coffee; Van Houtte; vitamin burst; Waterful;



Big K; Fresh Selections by Kroger; HarvestMark; Private Selection; Simple Truth;


Bob Evans 


Hain Celestial Group 

Arrowhead Mills; Bearitos; BluePrint; Casbah; Celestial Seasonings; DeBoles; Earth's Best; Ethnic Gourmet; Freebird; Garden of Eatin'; Hain Pure Foods; Health Valley; Hollywood; Imagine Foods; Linda McCartney; Little Bear; MaraNatha; Mountain Sun; Nile Spice; Plainville Farms; Rice Dream; Rosetto; Sensible Portions; Soy Dream; Spectrum; Sunspire; Terra Chips; The Greek Gods; Walnut Acres; West Soy; Westbrae Natural; Yves;



Dr. Thunder; Great Value; Sam's Choice;





Giant Eagle 

Farmers Market; Market District; Nature's Basket; ValuTime;


Pernod Ricard 

100 Pipers; ABSOLUT Vodka; Amaro Ramazzotti; ArArAt; ; Becherovka; Beefeater; Blenders Pride; Brancott Estate; Campo Viejo Reserva; Chivas Regal; Clan Campbell; G.H.Mumm; Graffigna; Havana Club; Imperial; Jacob's Creek; Jameson Classic; ; Kenwood; Malibu; Martell Cognac; Olmeca; Passport Scotch; Pastis 51; ; Ricard; Royal Salute; Royal Stag; Ruavieja; Seagram's Gin; Seagram's Imperial Blue; Something Special; Suze; The Glenlivet; Wiser's; Wyborowa;


Tyson Foods 

Aidells; Anytizers; Ball Park; Bonici; Bosco's Pizza Co.; Chairman's Reserve; Corn King; Don Julio; Gallo Salame; Hillshire Farm; Holly Farms; Jimmy Dean; Lady Aster; Mexican Original; Open Prairie Natural Angus; Russer; Sara Lee; Star Ranch Angus Beef; State Fair; Supreme Tender; Tastybird; The Bruss Company; Trusted Excellence; Tyson; Weaver; Wilson; Wright; Wunderbar;



3 Musketeers; 5 gum; Abu Siouf; Alterra Coffee Roasters; Altoids; American Heritage Chocolate; Amicelli; Balisto; Big Red; Bounty; Bright Tea Co; Celebrations; Combos; Dolmio; Doublemint; Dove Chocolate; Ebly; Eclipse; Ethel M Chocolates; Extra; Flavia; Freedent; Galaxy; goodnessKnows; Hubba Bubba; Juicy Fruit; Kan Tong; Klix; Kudos; Life Savers; M&M's; Maltesers; Marathon Energy Bars; Masterfoods; Milky Way; Milky Way Crispy Rolls; ; My M&M's; Orbit; Pamesello; Pure Dark; Raris; Revels; Royco; Seeds of Change; Skittles; Snickers; Spearmint; Starburst; Suzi Wan; Tracker; Twix; Uncle Ben's; Winterfresh; Wrigley;



Arctic Shores; Carlita; Culinary Circle; Essential; Essential Everyday; Farm Fresh; Farm Stand; Flavorite; Java Delight; Max Velocity; Richfood; Shoppers Value; Stockman & Dakota; Stone Ridge; Super Chill; Super Crunch; Wild Harvest;


Young's Market 

Craft & Specialty Beer; Craft Spirits; Sake; The Estates Group; Young's Brands;


Domino's Pizza 


J.M. Smucker 

Adams; ; Crisco; Crosse & Blackwell; Dickinson's; Eagle Brand; Folgers; Folgers Gourmet Selections; Hungry Jack; Jif; Kava; Knott's Berry Farm; Laura Scudder's; Magnolia; Martha White; Medaglia D'Oro; Millstone; Natural Brew; None Such; Pet; Pillsbury (cake mix, frosting and baking); Pilon; R.W. Knudsen; Sahale Snacks; Santa Cruz Organic; Smucker's Natural; Smucker's Toppings; Smucker's Uncrustables; Smuckers; truRoots; White Lily;


US Foods 

Cattleman's Selection; Chef's Line; Cross Valley Farms; del Pasado; Devonshire; Glenview Farms; Harbor Banks; Harvest Value; Hilltop Hearth; Metro Deli; Molly's Kitchen; Monarch; Monogram; Pacific Jade; Patuxent Farms; Rituals; Roseli; Rykoff Sexton; Stock Yards;



Aeroplane; Billy Bee; Club House; Drogheria & Alimentari; Ducros; El Guapo; Kitchen Basics; Lawry's and Adolph's; Margao; McCormick for Chefs; Old Bay; Schwartz; Silvo; Simply Asia; Stubb's; SupHerb Farms; Thai Kitchen; ; Zatarain's;



Arrezio; BakerSource; Block & Barrel; ; Casa Solana; Chef Ex; Citavo; Fire River Farms; Fry-On; House Recipe; Portico Seafood; Sysco Natural; White Marble Farms; Wholesome Farms;


Bloomin' Brands 

Bonefish Grill; Carrabba's Italian Grill; Fleming's Prime Steakhouse; Outback Steakhouse;


Dr Pepper Snapple 

7UP; A&W Root Beer; Canada Dry; Clamato; Country Time; Crush; DEJA BLUE; Diet Rite; Dr Pepper; Hawaiian Punch; Hires; IBC; Margaritaville Mix; Mott's; Mr & Mrs T; Nantucket Nectars; Orangina; ; RC Cola; ReaLemon; Rose's; Schweppes; Snapple; Squirt; Stewart's; Sun Drop; Sunkist; Venom Energy; Vernors; Welch's; Yoo-hoo;


Compass Group 

2.mato; 2bU; Balance Kitchen; BYOB; Chef Jet; Chickendipity; CrEATe; Grill Nation; Mondo; Outtakes; Simply Puur; Sono;



Alice White; Arbor Mist; Black Box; Black Sage Vineyard; Black Velvet; Blackstone; ; Casa Noble; Clos Du Bois; Cook's; Corona; ; Drylands; Estancia; Franciscan Estate; Growers; Hayman & Hill; Hogue Cellars; Inniskillin; Jackson Triggs; Kim Crawford; Le Clos Jordanne; Manischewitz; Mark West; Modelo; Monkey Bay; Mount Veeder; Mouton Cadet; Naked Grape; Negra Modelo; Night Harvest; NK MIP Cellars; Nobilo; Open; Pacificio Clara; Paso Creek; Paul Masson; Primal Roots; Ravenswood; Red Guitar; Rex Goliath; Richard's Wild Irish Rose; Rioja Vega; Robert Mondavi; Ruffino; Sawmill Creek; See Ya Later Ranch; Selaks; SIMI Winery; Simply Naked; Sola-Nero; Steller's Jay; Strut; Sumac Ridge; SVEDKA; Taylor Desserts; The Dreaming Tree; The People's; Thorny Rose; Toasted Head; Vendange; Vex Hard Lemonade; Victoria; Wild Horse; Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi;


Dean Foods 

Alta Dena; Barber's; Berkeley Farms; Broughton; Brown's Dairy; Country Fresh; Creamland; Dairy Ease; Dairy Pure; Dean's; Fruit Rush; Gandy's; Garelick; Hygeia; Jilbert; Lehigh Valley; Mayfield Dairy; McArthur; Meadow Brook; Meadow Gold; Model Dairy; Oak Farms; Pet; Price's; Purity; Reiter; Swiss Premium; T.G. Lee; TruMoo; Tuscan;



CardioAid; Coroli; EnviroStrip; Evolution Chemicals; NovaLipid; Novasoy; NutriSoy; Ollio; VegeFull;



Central Market All Natural; Central Market Organics; H-E-B Brand; H-E-B Marketplace; H-E-B-Pantry; Hill Country Fare;



Wellsley Farms;



Dean's Dips; LouAna; Marie's; Ventura Foods;


Fidelity National Financial 




100 Grand; Abuelita; Baby Ruth; Bottlecaps; Buitoni; Butterfinger; California Pizza Kitchen; Carlos V; Carnation; Chunky; ; Coffee-mate; DiGiorno; Dolce Gusto; ; Drumstick; Frosty Paws; Gerber; Gobstoppers; Goobers; ; Hot Pockets; ; Juicy Juice; Kazoozles; La Lechera; Lean Cuisine; Lean Pockets; LIBBY'S; Lik-M-Aid; MAGGI; Milo; Mix-Ups; Nerds; ; Nesquik; Nestea; ; Nido; Nips; Oh Henry!; Ovaltine; Pixy Stix; Raisinets; Runts; Shockers; Sno-Caps; Spree; Stouffer's; SweeTARTS; Taster's Choice; The Skinny Cow; Tombstone; Wonka;


Save Mart Supermarkets 

FoodMaxx; Lucky; Maxx Value; S-Mart Foods; Save Mart;


Smithfield Foods 

Armour; Carando; Cook's; Cumberland Gap; Curly's; Eckrich; Esskay; Farmland; Gwaltney; Healthy Ones; John Morrell; Kretschmar; Margherita; ; Patrick Cudahy;


Trader Joe's 

Charles Shaw; Trader Giotto's; Trader Jose's; Trader Ming's;


Dole Food 

Dole Dippers; Dole Fruit Crisps; Dole Fruit Parfaits; Dole Fruit Squish'ems; Dole Shakers; Dole Trio Bar; Mrs. May's Naturals;


Krispy Kreme 


TravelCenters of America 

Buckhorn Family; Country Pride;



Weis Markets;



America's Choice; Best Cellars; Food Basics; Food Emporium; Great Atlantic Seafood Market; Greenway;