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Before making purchases, consumers are encouraged to check out the Human Rights CampaignFoundation’s annual Buying for Workplace Equality to see if those dollars are going to a business committed to workplace equality. The guide is available in three formats: mobile application, searchable website database, or downloadable PDF.

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Buying for Workplace Equality

Where do the scores in this guide come from?

The information in this guide comes from the 2016 Corporate Equality Index, the Human Rights Campaign's annual report card on corporate America's treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.

How are the scores calculated?

Businesses are rated on a scale from 0 to 100, based on whether or not they have policies that support LGBT employees. These include anti-discrimination protections, domestic partner benefits, diversity training and transgender-inclusive benefits. We provide an estimated score to businesses that have not, after repeated attempts, responded to the survey. An estimated score is reflective of the information that HRC has been able to collect without help or input from a business.

Why don't I see a business listed?

The Human Rights Campaign researches policies at more than 1,889 companies (including the Fortune 1000 and American Lawyer 200). However, we do not provide a business with an official score until we have collected and verified all the information we need. In all, we rated 971 companies in the 2016 CEI.

How can I get a company listed?

Any business with 500 or more U.S. employees can be rated. If you don't see a company listed, contact the Human Rights Campaign with any information you have about its policies on LGBT issues. Or, contact and motivate businesses to participate by letting them know that you make purchasing decisions based on how it scored in this guide.

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