Love. Honor. Commitment. Three simple words. They are the words that gay and lesbian couples feel in their hearts when they make a commitment to each other. That’s why the Human Rights Campaign believes that same-sex couples should be able to get married. Our campaign, Americans for Marriage Equality, is sparking a national conversation about the power of love, fairness and equality.
We are Americans for Marriage Equality.


New Yorkers for Marriage Equality


The Human Rights Campaign in New York

The achievement of marriage equality in New York is thanks to four primary factors: the bold and strategic leadership of an immensely popular governor, Andrew Cuomo; the most aggressive state legislative advocacy campaign ever in gay rights history; courageous Republicans wanting to be on the right side of history; and public opinion shifting in favor of marriage equality.

Governor Cuomo signed the bill, and the law went into effect on July 24, 2011.


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What's Next?

When did the marriage equality law take effect? What rights will same-sex married couples receive? Learn answers to frequently asked questions.
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Julianne Moore Marriage Equality  

Video Campaign

Dozens of New Yorkers - everyday people and celebrities alike - recorded video testimonials in support of marriage equality in New York.
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New Yorkers for Marriage Equality  

HRC's Work in New York

From its New Yorkers for Marriage Equality video campaign to its coalition work, HRC was a major force in the fight for marriage equality in the Empire State.
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